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Living Skills Camp

Mastering of basic living skills, Activities includeds Camp setup, Fire starting & Cooking, Building Camp Gadgets etc. Most importantly understand cleanliness and hygiene and also how to take care of oneself.

Personal Empowerment Camp

An empowerment program that develops self dependence through mastering basic living skills. It also creates self confidence to face life challenges and develop a civic conscious mind able to contribute positively towards society.

Team Empowerment Camp

To have a clear understanding of the importance of teamwork. What it means and How it works. It develops leadership skills through projects and recognising emotions of self and team members.

Home to 50th KL Bukit Bintang Open Troop

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Sun : 012 3994893
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Welcome toCity Camping Park Many faces.

>> Is a Urban Forest Co-Curriculum Center

>> Home to a Junior Spartan Race Circuit

>> Archery Tag in the forest

>> Unique venue for Corporate family days

Why City Camping Park?

Kuala Lumpur's first Urban Forest Co-Curriculum Center. Gated & Fenced. Experience Camping in tropical forest. Fully Equipped with Camping & Cooking Equipments. Fully supported by experienced Camp Coachers.

We have a pool of experienced camp coachers to conduct and run your activities.